Monthly Archives: May 2012


1. Dynamic Strength For 6 Rounds: 5 Front Squat @ 55-60% 1rm, rest 30s between sets *Choose a weight and stick with it. Warmup and figure out what weight to use before you start. rest 2 full minutes then: EMOM(every minute on the minute) for 8m 3 Deadlifts @ 275/185, be fast and explosive rest 2 full minutes then: 9×3, 3-Grip Bench Press...
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Getting Strong Now

TUESDAY 10m muscle up drill work/practice Squat Snatch @ 75%, rest 30s between efforts 1-1-1-1-1-1 (warmup as needed so first working rep is 75%) WOD EMOM for 9 Rounds 1 Squat Snatch 3 OHS 8 Burpees *weight can be adjusted as necessary, should be medium-heavy but able to do unbroken squat snatch right into 3 OHS. If you miss a round then rest and continue at...
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Low Bar Back Squat 5×3 @ 75%, rest 90s between sets 2a. 4xME Strict Unweighted CTB Pull Up, rest 60s 2b. 4xME Ring Dips (non-weighted, no pause), rest 60s 10 Rounds 8 TTB 3 Power Clean and Push Jerk (heaviest possible) rest 1m *cleans should be touch and go, can adjust weight within rounds, work to a heavy triple. Can keep weight consistent...
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