Monthly Archives: February 2015

Hey all, for the next week please check the Facebook page for WOD updates. They will not be posted here and ONLY on the Facebook page for the next week!

Strength: Power Clean
EMOM 12m - 2 reps

WOD: “Isabel”
30 Snatch 135/95 for time

WOD 2: Eva
Run/Row 800 meters
2-pood kettlebell swings, 30 reps
30 pull-ups


Whats up Chippa?

Don't forget about Patrick and Kirk who are coming in Saturday to workout with us and chat with everyone about Obstacle Course Racing. We really hope to see a lot of you there to take this in, these guys are awesome so take advantage of their knowledge! Partner WOD: In teams of 2, complete this work however you...
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Tricked Ya….

Skill 5M Double Under Practice Rest 1:00 5M HSPU Practice WOD: 12m AMRAP 10 Thruster 95/65 10 Burpees  ...
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Almost Open

The Open is one week away! Get ready to have some fun! Strength: Back Squat (any) Find a 1 rep max – If you are too tired, sore, run down from the week and don’t want to test the back squat, try to hit a 90% lift. WOD: 10m AMRAP 10 Pushups 20 Air Squats 5 Deadlift 225/155 S: Scaled Push-ups, 155/105 L1: 185/135 Rx+:...
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