Monthly Archives: February 2016

OHS Stuff

Strength : Overhead Squat 1-1-1-1-1 – Must come from the floor and from a clean and jerk WOD : 3 Rounds 5 Front Squat 135/95 10 Hang Power Clean 15 Lateral Bar Hops (two feet take off and land) after last round perform 100 Double Unders S: 75/55, 150 Singles L1: 95/65, 200 Singles or 50 Double Unders Rx+: 165/115, Hang Power Clean and Jerk...
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Strength: Clean Find a 1 Rep Max WOD: For Time 21-15-9 Push Ups Jumping Squats Clean and Jerk 115/75 Run 400m at the end of each round ...
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P-WOD & Open

Ok, so yea. We are 100% having a regular partner wod, it is below. The day will also be filled with Open Competitors, so have patience and get after it tomorrow. We will get it all done, while having fun! In Teams of 2: One working at a time. Share squat clean, one partner does "Cindy" Team...
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Open 16.1

Guys and Gals, since 16.1 is a logistical shitshow, we can only have 5 athletes go at once. With 20 minutes per wod, this means 2 heats per class. For this reason, we are posting an additional workout for those who may want to pass on the Open 16.1 workout and do something else...your choice!


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