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Wednesday, November 14th

Strength: Front Squat Build to a tough double WOD: "DT" 5 rounds for time: 12 Deadlift 155/115 9 Hang Power Clean 155/115 6 Push Jerk 155/115...
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Tuesday, November 13th

EMOM 10: Alternate between 1 - 1-10 Strict Handstand Push Up 2 - 5-8 Pendlay Row Do whatever you can to be upside down and pressing. If this means that you flip into a handstand hold, then that is what you will do. No scales using boxes, etc. If you are using a target, make it MUCH lower...
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Monday, November 12th

Reminder, Open Gym only between 9 and 12. “Hero WOD” : Zachary Tellier Run 400m 10 Burpees – rest 30s 8 Burpees 15 Push-ups 8 Burpees 15 Push-ups 40 Lunges (total) 8 Burpees 15 Push-ups 40 Lunges 75 Situps 8 Burpees 15 Push-ups 40 Lunges 75 Situps 150 Squats...
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Sunday, November 11th

With respect to Remembrance Day, we will open the gym at 11:30 on Sunday. Monday will be Open Gym Only crom 9am-12noon. ZenPlanner has been updated with the new class times starting next week.

Her0 WOD "Jennifer" As Many Rounds as Possible in 26 Minutes

10 Pull Ups 15 KB Swings 24/16 kg 20 Box Jumps...

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