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Competitors: Rest Athletes: Christine 3 rounds for time 500M row 12 Deadlifts @ bodyweight 21 Box Jumps 24/20...
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My hands are sore

Competitors: 1. 10-15m Snatch Complex *Start with a Snatch balance, then into a below knee hang snatch, then one from the floor. All squat, all unbroken. Make every rep perfect. 2a. 5×3 Weighted Pullup, rest :60 2b. 5×3 Press @ heaviest possible, rest :60 3a. 4×1 20′ Rope Climb, rest as :30 3b. 4×6 One Arm Pushup (each arm), rest :60 4....
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Labour Day

Competitors: 1. LBBS In 6-8 sets find a max 2 Then: 25 High Bar Back Squat @ BW for time 2. EMOM for 10m 3 Squat Clean @ heaviest possible 3. CORE a. 4×10 Standing Oblique Crunches w dumbbell, limited rest b. 4×15 V Out, limited rest
KAREN 150 Wall Balls for time.
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Sunday Fun

Competitors: 1. 4 x 3 Front Squat-Thruster Complex - do 1 front squat and 1 thruster for 3 cycles, rest as needed between sets, add weight as able each set 2. EMOM for 10m 3 MU 5 Heavy Swings 3. Push a sled 400m loaded with BW. Every time you stop do 5 Burpees. Athletes: Come out and work on your goats, or...
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