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Grammy Shammmy

Competitors: 1. Work on Muscle Up with Weight Vest for 5-10m max 2a. 4×4 Bent Over Row, rest :60 2b. 4×2 Push Jerk @ 75% 1rm, rest :60 3. WOD 21-15-9 Pullups Ring Dips Box Jumps 30/24 rest 5-10 minutes max then: 15-12-9 Thursters 105# Burpees Athletes: Skill work -  Pick one, spend 10 minutes Toes to Bar Ring Dips Complete as many reps as possible in 10 minutes following the rep...
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Athlete Profile :: Peter MacDonald


  1. What brought CrossFit into your life? How did you hear about it? I started CrossFit after hearing great things about it from Scott and numerous Per Ardua members. I have been looking to get into better shape for a while and have never been...
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Snow Day

Sorry guys, can't open the box today. The roads are terrible and we don't want anyone going out in this nasty weather, and it is just the start of the storm for us. We will have extended hours tomorrow for all you freaks to get in and throw down! Thanks Scott ...
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We may or may not be open tomorrow, it really depends, we will post in the morning with an update. Not posting a partner wod because we have a feeling not many will be making it in, those that MAY make it in, IF we go in can have some fun with this classic benchmark. Athletes: 2....
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