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Snatch then Clean & Jerk (lol)

FRIDAY Snatch first, then Clean and Jerk WARMUP: 3 rounds: 8 Heaving Snatch Balances 8 Pocket Power Snatch 8 Squat Snatch (from floor) *all done with empty barbell Olympic Total 30-45m to find 1rm Snatch and Clean and Jerk *make as many attempts as desired. Should go until failure. Conditioning 5 Rounds 50 Double Unders 20 Wall Ball 20/14 CORE 8 TGU each arm 1.5/1 (not for time) then immediately 3m AMRAP GHD...
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Still don’t know

Bench Press (alternate grips) 12×3, 30s rest, rest 1 full minute after every 4 rounds use chains if you have them. Weight should be explosive without chains, 45-50% 1rm. Warmup to decide weight. Rest as needed  15m Running Clock EMOM for 12 min do: 1 Squat Clean 3 Front Squat For minutes 13-15 do 1 squat clean every 30s *all weights are heaviest possible....
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You don’t know

6×1 Power Snatch-Squat Snatch complex (pause at knees each time), rest as desired between efforts *work on these two movements as if they are the same thing. The Power snatch you catch with your hips above parallel. The squat you make the exact same pull(s), receive the bar overhead in the exact same way, then ride...
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