Paleo Challenge Results

The challenge is officially over, over the course of it we received LOADS of feedback. Some of you loved it, felt awesome, were very grateful for the challenge. Some of you could not wait to drive your face into something other than Paleo food the entire time, but I guess that is the way it goes!

In trying to figure out the winners for the challenge, we had to take into account quite a few things. We have total weight lost, inches lost and of course, since this is a Paleo Challenge, performance results in the WOD, the Clean and Jerk and the 1 mile run.

Before we hit the winners, we wanted to mention some awesome results in the performance aspect of the challenge. Every person who fully took part improved in some aspect, however, some really kicked some butt! The runs were some of the most impressive, I wanted to list of those who improved by over 1 minute. Jim Heading for using 275# for Christine, that is a hard workout, but with that weight, its crazy, coupled with box jumps and a row...ouch!

Georgie Matthews - 1:51 faster mile run and 1:28 faster Christine
Shane Petite - 1:02 faster mile run
Peter MacDonald - 1:05 faster on Christine, also a FAST mile run of 5:42!
Jim Heading  - for using 275# for Christine!
Luc MacInnis - losing over 9"!
Pat Boone - 1:12 faster mile run
Brad Latham - 1:25 faster Christine
Allison Reeves - 1:08 faster Christine
Richard Spencer - for losing 10"!
Rob MacLean - 30# Clean and Jerk improvement and for telling me that he was not leaving the gym until he demolished his old PR! Way to go!

Like I said, everyone who completed the entire challenge improved and did great, but a few really stood out!

Now on to the winners, this was tough, but we based it over the entire challenge. We added up placings while taking into account weight and inches lost. The lower the score each individual had, the higher they placed. More points were awarded for weight and inches, then we moved on to performance.

1st Place - Chris Kerr with 1o points - Winner $200
Chris showed the most improvement across the board, losing a total of 12# and losing 6.5". He improved his Christine time by 4:40 and his mile run by 1:13! Way to go buddy, amazing!

2nd Place - Tony Julian with 11 points - Winner $150
Tony weighed in 11# less, lost 10". He improved Christine by 1:28, added 10# to his Clean & Jerk and clocked in a faster mile run of :38 seconds.

3rd Place - Colin Bonnar with 12 points - Winner $90
Colin is down 7# and 4", a HUGE 5:36 faster on Christine, 25# heavier C&J and a 1:04 faster mile run.

4th Place - Chuck Knott - Winner 1 bottle of NutraSea +D Fish Oil
We added chuck in as a forth for losing 6.8# and 4.5" he also improved by becoming faster and stronger!

A huge congrats to our winners and to all who took part. We plan to do another challenge in the future and hope even more of you take place. In speaking with the winners, it is clear to see that the way to win is to totally dedicate yourself to the challenge in all aspects. Stick to the lifestyle, train super hard and go after what you want!

We will have your prizes at the gym either today or tomorrow!

Thanks to everyone, really, you all did awesome and thanks for taking part.