1. Snatch Complex, 5 sets
- Snatch Pull from floor, Squat Snatch from below knee hang
*make this a technical day. Do not push yourself to failure. Make everything be perfect.

2. WOD
8-1, 1-8
Strict Press 135/95, Strict Pullup (any grip)

*this is going to be a slower WOD. It is meant to be that way. Make the weight something that you can handle, but do not scale it up. If you can blow through the 135/95 then do so. If you cannot get the first set of 8 done @ 135/95 then scale yourself down so you can.

3. Snatch Pull from Below Knee Hang 3×3 @ 105% Friday 10/19, rest :60 between sets
*make this your strength work for the Snatch for the day. Make each set unbroken

4. WOD
3 Muscle Up
6 Burpees

*scale for muscle ups should be lower reps or 2x CTB pullups. Do not do pullups and dips. This WOD is meant to be fast and hurt. If you scale with CTB pullups do the equivalent amount of dips after the workout is over, not timed.


5X5 Low Bar Back Squat on box. Below parallel. 
90 seconds rest in between sets.


Four rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters with med ball
10 Burpees
20 Push ups
30 Squat